End of Year Calendar

Calendar of Events (GCS end of Year)

Thursday, May 21 Last Student eLearning Day (all schools)

Tuesday, May 26 GHS Honor Day (Mr. Peters live on GTV /ETC/ WTRE Radio)

Tuesday, May 26 Student pick up / drop off at their school *

Wednesday, May 27 Student pick up / drop off at their school*

Friday, May 29 Last Contracted Teacher Day

Friday, July 10 Senior practice and cook out for graduation

Saturday, July 11 GHS Graduation in GHS Gym at 9:00 a.m.

*We ask that parents drop off devices and collect items from their child’s desks/lockers. Schools will also be passing out awards and yearbooks. All parents will remain in their vehicles during this exchange.

*Greensburg Elementary, Kindergarten and 3rd grade pick up is at door 1. 1st and 4th grade are at Door 5. 2nd and 5th grade are at Door 12. GJHS will use the circle drive off of Central Ave. GJHS will first collect school materials at door 17 N, and then distribute and return locker/school items at door 1 W. Families will remain in their vehicles at all times as they move around the circle to both locations. GHS pick up will take place at their gym doors on the west side of each building. Personnel will pick up devices from vehicles as they pull up to the respective doors. Please make sure you turn in the device, charger and computer bag. Thank you for being patient with this process. This information is also available on our website. Pick up / drop off times:

Tuesday, May 26 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday, May 27 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Updates on Commencement 2020

 Ceremony has been officially moved to July 11, 2020
o Starts at 9am
o Initial plan is to host in gymnasium as scheduled
o Football field (open air) is alternative
o Potentially adjusted ceremony
o We would encourage at-risk populations to not attend
 Health condition
 Over the age of 65
o Alternate ways to watch if not able to attend
 GTV Livestream/YouTube Channel/Twitter
 WTRE (possibly)
 ETC Community Channel
 Graduation practice
o Friday July 10, 2020 Time - TBA (Evening)
o Students will have a normal opportunity to practice
o We will have a cookout on school property to celebrate and catch-up
 Honor Day
o May 26, 2020 Time - TBA (morning)
o Completed Virtually
 GTV Livestream/YouTube Channel/Twitter
 ETC Community Channel
o Could have a couple more surprises for Award Winners
 Description of Discussion for Decision Making
o Invited Senior Officers and Presidents of Student Council/NHS
o Invited County Commissioner - Rick Nobbe
o Students stressed their desire to have an in-person commencement: this empowered our decision to move the date
o We examined all possible options and tried to pick the best for our students, not any other motive
o Worked closely with health expectations laid out by our governor and our county/city authorities
o Made a decision on existing plan that was rolled out by our governor and current facts known about COVID-19