October 2016 News

Superintendent’s Thoughts

October 2016


Top 10 Reasons to Attend Greensburg Schools

10. Our schools foster a family friendly school environment.

 9.  Our schools offer the preparation necessary to take advantage of forty 40) college dual credit opportunities.

 8.   Our schools are student oriented.

 7.   Our schools promote the use of technology in daily learning.

 6.   Our schools promote the importance of vocational and college and career ready student preparation.

 5.   Our schools provide nutritious lunches and follow all national guidelines for promoting healthy eating habits.

 4.    Our schools offer a “State of the Art “educational facility at each learning site.

 3.    Our schools offer very successful extra-curricular opportunities to our students.

 2.    Our schools offer a safe learning environment for all students.  Our schools have the most effective visitor
         monitoring systems at each entrance to our buildings.

 1.    Our schools are using “best practice” in each of our sites to ensure the academic success of our students.