News from the Superintendent

November Thoughts

Tom Hunter, Superintendent

Greensburg Schools

“All About Learning”

We have just finished nine weeks of school and have many accomplishments to be proud of including academic

Academic Related
1. Successfully implemented the 1:1 program across the school district (K-12).
2. Designed and implemented a new website for the district and each of our three buildings.
3. Brought on board 22 new staff members and blended them into our school culture.
4. Aligned our curriculum maps with all the new state standards.
5. Enhanced the vocational program at GHS to meet more student needs.
6. Added the largest class ever to our National Honor Society (50 new students).
7. Developed a long range plan to continue the dual college credit program at GHS.

Extra-Curricular Related
1.  State Champion Girls GJHS cross country team.
2. First GHS girls state qualifier in cross country (Shelby Pake).
3. Regional qualifying teams in Boys and Girls cross country.
4. Semi-state qualifying girls cross country team.
5. 26 wins by GHS volleyball team.
6. Sectional Championship for the boys tennis team.

We continue to get surprises from the political entities that are attacking public education.  We will counter these attacks to the advantage of our students.  Greensburg Schools has developed a plan to continue our highly successful dual credit program at Greensburg High School.  The governing body of higher education in Indiana that issues credentialing of teachers for college level courses will require higher standards for teaching those courses beginning in 2017.  We currently have nine teachers that would not be able to teach dual credit in 2017.  All of these teachers have agreed to take the necessary course work required for them to continue teaching their current classes.  Greensburg Schools will pay the tuition cost of the classes.  We really appreciate the dedication of our high school staff to pursue this time consuming endeavor.  Financially they will receive nothing for their efforts.  It is an example of their true commitment to doing what is best for our students.  My personal thoughts are that it is too bad our legislators aren’t doing the same thing.  If it were adversely affecting Charters and the Voucher Program they might show some real interest.  It amazes me the Indiana State Legislature can’t influence the Grant Lakes Higher Education Council but they can completely turn public education upside down.   If you have a child or someone you care about in these dual credit programs it is something you should care about.  Ask the legislators, who benefits from eliminating the high school dual credit program?