August 2016 News

Superintendent’s Thoughts

August, 2017

I want to welcome everyone back for what we hope will be a great school year.  We have a tremendous teaching staff and have been able to recruit some outstanding educators to join our team for the upcoming year.  New staff members include:

Mary Beth Hackman             Greensburg Elementary Principal (Grades 3-5)

Hannah Doerflinger              Greensburg Elementary Teacher (Kindergarten)

Nicole Niece                           Greensburg Elementary Teacher (Sp Ed)

Lauren Mirick                         Greensburg Elementary Teacher   (4th Grade)

Ivy Hammond                        Greensburg Elementary Teacher (Music)

Adam Wheat                          Greensburg Jr High Teacher (Math)

Anne Freeman                       Greensburg Jr High Teacher (Science)

Heather Helmbrecht            Greensburg Jr High Teacher (English)

Chelsea Ryan                         Greensburg Jr High Teacher (Math)

Liz Miller                                 Greensburg Jr High Teacher (Music)

Jennifer Bielefeld                  Greensburg Jr High Teacher (Social Studies)

Katina Tekulve                       Greensburg High School (Biology)

Marti Moorman                     Greensburg High School ( Sp Ed)

Daniel Commarford              Greensburg High School (Math)

 Greensburg has many supportive parents and community members that positively contribute to helping children overcome the obstacles that impede their learning.  We have great school facilities, an empathetic citizenry, adequate funding, great teachers and support staff, and a desire to provide a quality education.  Our goal this year is to use these resources and put into play a plan to help every child be successful.  We invite our whole community to be part of the solution.  It has been said before that you can be part of the solution or part of the problem.  Help us help children and be part of the solution.  Talk to the staff at your child’s school and see how you can help.

                                                                                                            Tom Hunter,
 Greensburg Schools