December 2016 News

Superintendent’s Thoughts

December, 2016

As we finish up the first half of this school year I want to thank everyone who has worked so hard to make this school district such a great place for our students to learn.  Learning truly is what we are all about.   It is what needs to drive every student and every teacher.  We have outstanding teachers that work every day to help children stretch their minds in ways they often can’t comprehend.  They stress so much more than just the three R’s.  In our ever changing world the teachers motivate our children to dream big and to be active participants in the world around them.  This world is exciting, challenging, and in some instances scary but our children have to be prepared to compete with children from all corners of the globe.  Technology has enabled us to reach out and converse with other students from all parts of the world.  This opens the classroom to a learning environment that can be fun, exciting, and very challenging.  Teaching is very demanding when children expect so much and have so much information at their fingertips. 

We challenge our parents to help in this learning process by stressing the importance of being in school every day and helping them understand that learning needs to be challenging and fun.  Stretch your children to learn new things and to use technology in ways that can provide the information necessary to build a foundation of knowledge that will help them compete in our “world classroom”.  We will continue teaching many of the concepts and methodologies of learning that all of us are accustomed to in our educational backgrounds but a new world beckons us to go further.  Don’t panic when you encounter new ways of learning that may not make sense to our generation.  The world truly belongs to the learners of the next generation.  Challenge your children academically to go beyond just what they learn in the classroom.  We have a long way to go and I hope as a school district we do everything we can to help motivate our students to be more successful independent learners.

Tom Hunter, Superintendent

Greensburg Schools