March 2016 News

Superintendent’s Thoughts

March 2016

As we pass from winter into spring I have to take a minute and reflect on how our school system has weathered this past year.  It has been difficult in many ways with the untimely deaths of two beloved faculty members and the tragic passing of two young vibrant students to illness.  Both faculty members served our system with distinction and each is missed as you pass through the high school hallways.  Their presence was as large as the concrete outer walls.  They were strong and able to withstand the pressures of very difficult jobs.  Their legacy lives on in those who replaced them.  Loss of these individuals is a reminder that our lives are always changing as is our educational pressures to continually improve.  We may be directed by many different facets of government and popular opinion but our mission is still the same.  We must do the best we can to prepare our students for the world they will face once they graduate and move on to other opportunities.  We start this process in kindergarten and we don’t lose sight of it through the student’s graduation.  There are many ways of measuring success.  Test scores may be part of it but in the book of life it is only a small part.  I like thinking about how our schools help students, such as:

1. Providing 33 dual credit college courses to students at GHS to help prepare them for college and alleviate some of the cost of college for parents.

2. GHS was recognized as the top new Conexus program in the state offering new opportunities to our vocational students.

3. 13 senior students are currently enrolled in internships in our community directly related to skilled manufacturing positions.

4. Providing a curriculum at our high school that gives us Early College status providing courses that will transfer to any college or university in the state.  A student can enter college with two years already completed at GHS.

5. GCS has direct partnerships in place with post -secondary institutions like Ivy Tech, Purdue, and Notre Dame.  This helps us provide opportunities for students to become more college ready.

6. 100% of our elementary students passed this past years IREAD 3 test.

7. Providing a diversified curriculum that offers opportunities through a wide range of courses emphasizing our commitment to providing for all students interests.

8. Helping students develop relationships that will last them a lifetime.  This is how memories form.

9. The staff keeping in mind students will remember their art, music, sports, clubs, and friends but not what they scored on the ISTEP.

10. Making sure GCS has an outstanding teaching staff that really cares about our students.

Greensburg Community Schools is “All About Learning”